Office of the Dean

  • Patricia D. Kroboth, PhD, Dean
    • Contact: Jackie Detty, 412-624-2400
  • Randall B. Smith, PhD, Senior Associate Dean
  • Susan M. Meyer, PhD, Associate Dean for Education
  • Melissa Somma McGivney, PharmD, Associate Dean for Community Partnerships
  • Samuel M. Poloyac, PharmD, PhD, Associate Dean for Graduate and Postdoctoral Programs
  • Gordon J. Vanscoy, PharmD, MBA, Associate Dean for Business Innovation
  • Xiang-Qun (Sean) Xie, PhD, MBA , Associate Dean for Research Innovation
  • Sharon E. Corey, PhD, Assistant Dean for Students
  • Kellie Mitchell, MBA, Assistant Dean of Business and Operations
  • Denise Howrie Schiff, PharmD, Assistant Dean for Academic Affairs
Office of the Dean Directory


The Curran Center for Pharmacy Students

  • Director: Marcia Borrelli, 412-648-1120
  • PharmD Admissions, 412-383-9000
  • Graduate Program in Pharmaceutical Sciences, 412-648-1014

Office of Experiential Learning

  • Susan Skledar, RPh, MPH, FASHP, Director of Experiential Learning and Continuing?Professional Development, 412-648-1504
  • James Pschirer, PharmD, Associate Director of Experiential Learning, 412-383-5229
  • Anna Schmotzer, Assistant Director, 412-624-8186

Centers of Excellence