MS Non-thesis Program

About the Program

Our MS in Pharmaceutical Sciences attracts students interested in drug discovery, delivery, and metabolism in addition to pharmacology, pharmacokinetics, and pharmacodynamics. Graduating with the MS in Pharmaceutical Sciences will prepare you for employment in pharmaceutical manufacturing plants and labs. Pharmaceutically-trained professionals are involved in biotechnology, research, synthesizing and testing new compounds, in marketing and sales of pharmaceuticals and biomedical devices, and in pharmaceutical benefit management.

Some areas where graduates with degrees in Pharmaceutical Sciences are sought after are Cosmetic Science, Industrial Pharmacy, and University-based laboratory areas.


Training consists of a sequence of required core courses, elective courses, journal clubs, faculty-directed research, and a literature review project leading to a final thesis. View the full curriculum for this program.


The understanding of the various milestones will help assist you towards a successful completion of the program. Students will be able to complete the MS Non-thesis degree in one calendar year.

Contact Information

Lori M. Altenbaugh
Graduate Program Coordinator
University of Pittsburgh
School of Pharmacy
229 Salk Hall
Pittsburgh, PA 15261